What is a Discovery Flight?

What's the big deal about a discovery flight?  What even is it?  Every school you talk to probably wants you to schedule a discovery flight... but why?

The answer is pretty simple - it's a chance for you and the school to see if you're a good fit for training there.  You'll get to experience flying in a training aircraft (like a Cessna 172 or a Piper Cherokee), have a chance to talk to instructors at the flight school and get some of your questions answered, and generally get a good feel for the culture and style of the instruction.

What to expect on a discovery flight

When you show up for your discovery flight, you'll meet an instructor at the school's office who will make sure you have a headset (don't worry if you don't own one... you can borrow one of ours :), and they'll take you out to the airport where the planes are.

Out at the plane, the instructor will briefly show you some of the things we look for when we pre-flight the plane, ensuring it's airworthy and safe to fly.

Then you'll get in the plane, the instructor will start it and taxi out to the runway, and you'll go flying!

During the flight, the instructor will let you fly the airplane for a few minutes (don't worry, they'll be right there beside you!) so you can see what it feels like to control it.

After a few minutes of flight, the instructor will take you back to the airport and land the plane.

Once back on the ground, you'll have a few minutes to talk about things, ask questions, and get some additional information on flight training.

What to bring / wear on a discovery flight

You don't have to worry about bringing anything specific... we'll provide the equipment needed to go fly.  Wear whatever is comfortable for the current temperatures outside, and comfortable closed-toe shoes.

Don't stress too much about it... this should be a fun adventure for you!

Get your questions answered

A discovery flight is the perfect time to ask questions -- questions about the airplane, about the school, about your goals and how to achieve them.  Maybe you have concerns about the price of instruction... now would be a perfect time to ask them if there are financing or payment options.

Take this opportunity to really find out what you need in order to make the decision if flight training is right for you.  The more educated you are, the better decisions you can make about your flight training journey.

If you're interested in scheduling a discovery flight with us, Contact Us and let's get it scheduled!  We would love to go flying with you!

Happy flying!