What can you do as a Private Pilot?

Getting your Private Pilot Certificate is a major milestone -- you're officially a pilot now! But what exactly can you do with it?

Let's go through a couple things you can do, and then a couple things you can't do.

You CAN:

  1. Fly with passengers
  2. Fly cross-country flights to wherever you want
  3. Get checked out in and rent other aircraft
  4. Build time towards other certificates
  1. Fly for compensation or hire (there are some exceptions in 14 CFR 61.113)
  2. Pay less than your share of the flight expenses (there are some exceptions in 14 CFR 61.113)
  3. Fly any aircraft other than what you are rated in (you start out rated in ASEL - Airplane Single Engine Land, and can earn additional ratings and endorsements for other aircraft)
  4. Fly in the clouds, or in weather conditions considered IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) unless you have an Instrument Rating
We can help you earn your Private Pilot Certificate if you live near Mesa, AZ.  We are based out of Falcon Field and can provide the flight instruction you need to pass your exams confidently!  Many of our students continue to train with us as they earn their Instrument Rating and progress towards their goal of becoming a Commercial Pilot.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you in achieving your dreams!

Happy flying!