Start your pilot training at Fly Mesa


At Fly Mesa, we specialize in helping people who are just starting their pilot journey.  

We offer introductory flying lessons (also called a discovery flight), flight training for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot.

Our Piper Cherokee training aircraft is meticulously maintained, clean, and a perfect platform for anyone to start flying in.  It’s stable, easily controllable, and outfitted with cutting-edge digital instruments.

We fly out of Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona, which is a historic airport when it comes to training pilots.  We have an active control tower, so students get experience with talking to Air Traffic Control and lots of experience talking on the radios.

We have worked with all ages and all backgrounds of people who are now wanting to get their pilot license.  From younger people wanting to make aviation their career, to older people who are wanting to check it off their list, we can help you with wherever you are in your life and goals.

Contact us today to set up a time where we can go fly together!

Happy flying!