Is a small flight school right for you?


What's going to help you soar?  Every learner is different.  Every person has their unique motivators, goals, learning styles, and personality... so why do some people try to convince us that a one-size-fits-all style for flight training is going to work for everybody?

The truth is different people will flourish in different environments. While a large flight training school is good for some people, it's also to your own benefit to research some smaller, locally owned flight schools.  Maybe they can offer something that others can't.

At Fly Mesa Flight Training, we are proud of the fact that we can offer one-on-one training to each of our student pilots.  With this model, we are able to custom tailor lessons, focus on areas that a particular student is having trouble with, spend time answering questions and exploring topics of particular interest, and doing anything else we can to maximize the opportunity to learn and grow as pilots.

Of course, our method might not be right for some people, too; and we totally understand.  That's why we encourage potential flight students to book a discovery flight with us -- come talk to us, see our airplanes, get some of your questions answered.  At the end of it, regardless of the direction you choose, we'll have a great time and build some fun memories! For more information, read our article What is a discovery flight, and contact us today to start the conversation.

Happy flying!