How long does it take to become a pilot?

 Training to become a pilot, whether for pleasure or for a career, is a time-intensive endeavor.  Although it is possible to get your pilot certificates quickly (some people are able to go all the way from zero experience to flight instructor in as little as 8 months), most people aren't able to dedicate the "full time" attention that schedule would require.

For most people, they have jobs, bills, and families to take care of.  That's where a smaller, independent flight school really shines - we are able to be flexible and work around your schedule.  Most of our students have jobs, so we instruct when they're available, and as their other obligations allow.

Typically, we want our students to fly at least twice a week (and for every flight, expect around an hour of ground instruction as well).  We'll instruct you as often as you're able to attend, but we've found that students who aren't able to fly twice a week, their progress steeply declines and the length of their program extends further and further.

Flying is a skill as much as it is knowledge and book work... meaning if you aren't flying, you aren't improving.  And if too many days go by in between flights, your skills can diminish, and you'll spend time during your next flight making up for lost ground.

For the students who are able to commit to a full-time schedule, they should be flying with us multiple times during the week, attending a couple ground classes each week, and spending lots of time at home doing homework, readings, and watching videos from supplemental ground school programs.  At this pace, it isn't uncommon to see students earn their Private Pilot Certificate in as little as a few months.  And then they can move on to their Instrument Rating, and eventually their Commercial Pilot Certificate.

The bottom line is -- the length it takes you to earn your pilot certificates is directly connected to how much time you're able to devote to it.  From a few months, to years of off-and-on instruction, it's all up to you!

Happy flying!