Fly Mesa - Your local Falcon Field flight school


With some of the best weather around, Fly Mesa, located at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ, is perfectly situated to offer top-tier flight training and get you closer to achieving your aviation goals!

We offer flight training for those working towards their pilot certifications, TAA training for the required commercial training in a "Technically Advanced Airplane," and we offer all types of assistance and training to current pilots - Biannual flight reviews, Instrument proficiency checks, and rental aircraft so you can build your hours.

Our office is located at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ, and we offer multiple aircraft with different avionics for whatever you're wanting to fly.  From full glass panels with auto pilot, to basic round-dial analog instruments... we're able to offer the best for your goals.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your dreams!

Happy flying!