Commercial Pilot Certificate - Who needs one?


This is a major step up from a Private Pilot -- Commercial pilot's are able to get paid to fly!  You are now able to work for a company and earn money for being a pilot.  This means you have a lot of responsibility...

Commercial pilots are expected to know and understand all of the regulations surrounding their jobs.  There are a lot of rules surrounding safety, commercial operations, operational limitations, airworthiness of equipment and aircraft, and crew management that a pilot has to show proficiency in before they can earn their certificate.

You are also expected to be able to fly and handle the aircraft at a higher level... showing that you have the experience and skills needed to be a safe and confident pilot.  For most commercial pilot jobs, they will require you to have your Instrument Rating as well.

Once you have your Commercial Pilot Certificate, you'll be able to apply for jobs to work as a pilot.  The only consideration now is how many flight hours you have, as many employers require a minimum amount of hours before they consider your application.  Many pilots opt to continue on and earn their Certified Flight Instructor certificate, so they can work as an instructor while they build their hours;  other pilots are able to secure low-hour jobs, such as aerial pipeline surveying, banner towing, or glider towing, and earn their hours that way.

No matter how you want to earn your hours, we hope you'll give us a shot at helping you earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate here at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ.  Contact us today to get started!

Happy flying!